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The Beauty of Decora

Every room designed with the colors and fabrics, artwork and elements that express your individual style. Complete with fine Decora Cabinets, crafted with the uncompromising quality that sets it apart from all others.

Cooking and entertaining become easier and more enjoyable when your cabinetry contents are well organized and accessible. With Decora's accessories™ collection, you can create a kitchen that not only looks great, but also offers you a new level of fingertip convenience.

Diamond Cabinets

True Custom Cabinets

Customized paint color choices inside and out – another Decorá advantage. Wanting to match the green in that favorite artwork of yours? Love the coral tint of your heirloom china? Decorá can recreate the color that inspires you. Cabinets lit from within add another level of drama and showcase the complementary paint that you choose to customize the interior of your cabinet.

Cabinet Features

Function & Style

For many families, the kitchen is the hub of the home, so it is important to acknowledge how the space impacts adjacent rooms and traffic flow. New design features help to customize your space, including the ability to accommodate varying levels of mobility. Technology also comes to the kitchen, bringing energy-saving strategies with it.

Storage Options

Innovative Solutions

Beauty and function — find your balance with Decorá, and take your design up a notch by thinking inside the box. Every square inch offers an opportunity to enhance the larger environment by streamlining your work fl w with thoughtful storage solutions. Hands free options go the extra mile for the ultimate in convenience — a hallmark of today's well-equipped kitchen.