With Diamond, you'll finally have a place for everything and everything in its place. To learn more about beautiful Diamond cabinets click here.

The Diamond Difference

A comfortable and organized kitchen brings together not just recipes and flavors, but delicious moments of sharing among family and friends. Diamond Cabinets has reinvented the way kitchens are organized.

What Diamond Offers:
• The innovative Logix system functionality, providing creative ways to get more out of your kitchen—more flexibility, more space, more accessibility

• A wide range of creative and attractive cabinet styles to appeal to every taste

• Quality products built in the USA with only the best available woods, hinges, and drawer pulls—all backed by our solid lifetime warranty

Diamond Cabinet Finishes

Custom Cabinet Finishes

Our distressing technique creates a finish with unique and appealing imperfections, such as dents, worm holes,chisel marks and other natural wear signs that create a look similar to those of time-worn antiques. Distressing characteristics are more visible with glazed finishes.

Available on all Solid, Raised Panel Door Styles:
Aurora, Bayport, Bradshawe, Brittany, Carson, Laureldale, Lynton, Selena, Sterling,Sullivan, and Windham. Not available to order with Pearl or White Paint.

Cabinet Storage

Get Organized

80% of people describe their ideal kitchen as organized - The other 20% simply can’t find the words. Which is why Diamond invented Logix. It’s our celebrated line of innovative storage solutions that shelves clutter and places kitchen organization front and center. Right where it should be. Stop messing around and start getting things done. Logix storage solutions put organized living within reach, transforming your kitchen from a state of confusion into a well-run operation. A uniquely planned space where there’s a place for everything and everything is in its place.
Cabinet Styles

Styling & Embellishments

Why be boxed in by convention when being yourself is so beautiful—and simple. Decorative mouldings by Diamond® transform ho-hum spaces into individual showcases of style and functionality. Play with unique combinations of proportions and dimensions to boldly (or quietly) call out forgotten areas of interest. Or reinforce a countertop and look good doing it. Whatever your personal motives or motif, Diamond decorative mouldings are an enlightened way to architecturally define your kitchen without triggering costly demolition. A concept perfectly suited to you.