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The Authentic Life with Silestone

An ‘authentic’ life is within us all; with each decision, with each experience. We aspire to feel ‘authentic’. Silestone® makes it possible to express our true selves throughout the home. The only worktop with bacteriostatic protection, and available in different textures. Live the authentic life, live your life with Silestone®.

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Silestone Quartz

The Silestone Difference

Silestone worktops are the only quartz surfaces that can inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria that is commonly found in even the cleanest kitchens and bathrooms.

This is because all Silestone products exclusively contain antibacterial protection: the antibacterial protection is added during the manufacturing process. It is present in each quartz particle, giving maximum hygiene and security
to your home.

Quartz Counter Tops


The advantages of Silestone® are many and varied. Being a surface made from natural quartz, Silestone® boasts a very high resistance to stains and scratche s, as well as a low absorption rate of liquids.

Silestone® is manufactured in more than 60 colours, three textures and various formats making it very versatile: it can even be used in large pieces without joints.

Silestone Counter Tops


Our team of expert “quartz hunters” travel the world to find and choose different quartz varieties for the constant development of new lines to match the latest in interior design trends.

With more than 60 colors and three textures to combine: polished, matt or rough – the possibilities are endless. From the most modern designs to the most traditional, any idea can be brought to life.