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Appalachian Hardwood

Somerset Flooring is one of North America’s Largest Suppliers of Kiln-Dried Appalachian Hardwoods. The quality Appalachian lumber from which we manufacture Somerset flooring is supplied by our Somerset Wood Products division. The majority of the Appalachian timber processed at Somerset Wood Products comes from nearly 120 sawmill suppliers within a 150-mile radius of our plants. Our “waste-not" philosophy and commitment to our natural resources starts here, where even the bark of the tree is used for mulch—in fact the entire tree is put to use throughout our manufacturing processes

Somerset Flooring

Made in America

Somerset has a long-standing history in the wood products business. We are experts in forest stewardship, lumber, and wood flooring. Somerset Flooring is a nationally known brand, but what you may not realize is that we are, in fact, one of the largest vertically integrated wood products companies in America. What this means to you is that we manage the raw materials and supply chain from the forest to the finished flooring.

Hardwood Floors

Solid or Engineered

Compare and you'll see Somerset's 3/4" Solid and 1/2" SolidPlus® engineered are both crafted with the beauty of solid sawn Appalachian hardwoods in true random lengths up to 6‑1/2'. With SolidPlus® engineered, you get all the beauty of solid hardwoods plus added benefits!
Somerset Hardwood Floors

Environmentally Sound

Somerset flooring is an environmentally sound choice because trees are a renewable and sustainable resource. You can trust that maintaining healthy and productive forests are our priority—not only are they essential to the world where our children are growing up, but our jobs, and the livelihood of hundreds of Somerset employees and their families depends on our forests.